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Daryl Trainor

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Some people take the bull by the horns, we take

the tiger by the tail.

Pricing for Residential Housing

*All prices are plus GST

Single Phase

* phase neutral, 2 wires in total

Two Phase

*two phases 1 neutral, 3 wires in total



Three Phase

* three phases 1 neutral, 4 wires in total

Neutral Screen

* 1 circular incoming cable



The tiger tails hire period is for a maximum of 10 weeks. If they are required longer than 10 weeks there is an extra charge, which will be calculated per site.

About our Company

Daryl has been an owner/operator of a local electrical business for 30 years he is now expanding into the supply and fitting of tiger tails.

Our point of difference is the above prices are a fixed cost. We do not charge for extra tiger tails to get the job sorted, we work on a swings and roundabout system with our regular customers. If the job is out of the ordinary or commercial we are happy to do a site visit to ensure the pricing is correct.

If repairs are required to mains cable or mains entry in order to install tiger tails, you will be notified and costs associated will be on charged.

We have H & S policies, public liabililty insurance and all work will be completed by registered electricians

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Dunedin, New Zealand

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